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1 Soya - Gates Foundation & Cargill Paper
2 GM Sorghum: Africa’s Golden Rice
3 Comments on COMESA’s Draft Policy on GMOs.
4 A good neigbour? South Africa forcing GM maize onto African markets and policy makers
5 GM Food aid: Africa denied choice once again?
6 Bilateral biosafety bullies: How corporations use bilateral trade channels to weaken biotech regulations
7 The status of Genetically Modified (GM) pharmaceutical crop research in South Africa
8 African Agriculture under genetic engineering onslaught
9 GM Cassava fails in Africa
10 Africa - The new frontier for the GE industry
11 Africa's Green Revolution Drought Tolerant Maize Scam
12 On- going Concerns about Harmonisation of Biosafety Regulations in Africa
13 Response from the AU Commission Biosafety Unit to Briefing no. 9
14 Revised African Model Law Biosafety Strategy Briefing June 2009
15 Genes from Africa: the Colonisation of Human DNA
16 GMO Field Trials - A briefing document
17 First GMO Seed Scandal in Africa: SA Contaminated the Continent
19 Displacing Africa’s indigenous food
20 World Bank Projects on Biosafety Harmonization

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