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1 How US sorghum seed distributions undermine the FAO Plant Treaty’s Multilateral System
2 Agrochemical giant DuPont to sell Bolivian sorghum gene
3 African Millet Under Threat
4 Sorghum and the Antioxidant Craze: What Benefit for Africa’s Farmers?
5 Genes from Africa: the colonisation of African DNA
6 The privatisation of Publically Funded Research in South Africa; Lessons from the US Bayh-Dole experience
7 African Sorghum for agrofuels: the race is on
8 Pelargonium Patent Challenge against Dr. Willmar Schwabe
9 Africa’s Granary Plundered Privatisation of Tanzanian Sorghum Protected by the Seed Treaty
10 Patents, Climate Change and African Agriculture: Dire Predictions
11 Pirating African heritage: the pillaging continues
12 Frequently asked questions on the PELARGONIUM PATENT CHALLENGES
13 Public Participation in context of Patent Laws in South Africa
14 "Knowledge not for Sale" - A Briefing Paper by the African Centre for Biosafety
15 Drug Companies Looting SA's bounty of Medicinal Plants
16 Stealing South Africa's Secrets.....
17 ACB Submission on Bioprospecting & ABS Draft Regulations, 2007


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