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1 Traceability, segregation and labelling of genetically modified products in South Africa: A Position paper on the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act and mandatory labelling of GM food
2 Formal complaint to the Compliance Committee of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
3 South African government non-compliance with national and international law on access to information
4 SNAPSHOT: South Africa facing a tsunami of risky GMOs
5 A glimse through the crack in the door: South Africa's permitting system for GMOs
6 Final Petition anti GM Potatoes
7 ACB's Submissions to the SA's govt's position on International Liability and Redress Regime for GMOs
8 ACB's Comments on Liability & Redress in preparation of the Adhoc Open Ended meeting in Cartagena
9 Critique of GMO Laws in Africa and Research Papers especially in relation to South Africa
10 Genetically Modified Organisms Amendment Act, 2007 (Act No 23 of 2006)
11 ACB Submission to Parliament on GMO Risk, July 2007
12 South Africa - GMO Act 15
13 South Africa - GM Food Labelling Regulations
14 South Africa - Biosafety Policy
15 South Africa - National Environmental Management Biodiver Act
16 South Africa - GMO Legislation


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